Security Services

Security Consultancy and Auditing

Pyramid provides consulting, training, implementation and auditing to security standards (ISO 27001, ISO 28000 and RabsQa Security Management Systems).


Security Services Division

Pyramid’s Security Services division provides a full range of support for busy business executives including complete logistical support. We work regularly with Fortune 500 executives, celebrities and Royal Families during their travels throughout Europe.


Travel Safety
When company staff travel abroad, these valuable assets enter an unfamiliar environment and face new risks to themselves and other corporate assets such as valuable information and developing contacts. These risks vary by region, industry and profile, as well as other factors. Pyramid provides pre-trip planning and local logistical support, allowing corporate staff to focus on their business objectives, not their personal or traveling companion’s safety and security.

Security Logistics and Support
Successful business travel requires coordination of meetings and social activities. Pyramid’s proven travel planning, safety and security awareness briefings, and thorough preparation process for corporate travelers and their families offer a reliable European-based source for up-to-the-minute intelligence and, when necessary, timely implementation of physical protection.

Our hands-on local experts can assist with the planning of even the most complex European visit by providing risk evaluations from both political and criminal sources regarding the client, the places and the persons to be visited.

Let Pyramid ease your corporate travel by providing:

  • Detailed tour planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Transportation
  • Contact Screening
  • Personal security escorts
  • Assistance for overseas visitors
  • Liaison with local and national law enforcement
  • Security awareness courses

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