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Mr. Roger D. Warwick

Senior Investigator and Consultant

Mr. Warwick is the founder and Managing Director of Pyramid International, which is a consultancy company based in Bologna, but servicing all of Southern Europe, specializing in the control and prevention of fraud and related issues.

Mr. Warwick has over 20 years practical experience in this area of work and is acknowledged as an international expert on loss prevention and control systems.

He is Regional Vice President (Region XXVII) of ASIS International and Regional Secretary of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and member of the Standards & Guidelines Commission

He is certified in security management (CPP) and is a BSI qualified Lead Auditor ISO/IEC 27001, RabQsa, ISO 28000 and Skill Examiner.

A designated Security expert to the European Commission (DG Entr FP7)

A member of UNI, CEN - ISO technical committees.

He is licensed by the Italian Government for civil and penal investigations.


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